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Dear Friend:

I have put together the exact names, contact info and web sites of 5 high paying part-time jobs.  These are jobs almost anyone can get and pay very well.  

Most importantly, these companies are often overlooked by the general public, usually written off as "not worth the effort". This is to your advantage since there is little competition from other applicants. 

You will get my report on each of these (5) jobs in the area of:

  • Sales associate
  • Delivery service
  • Medical studies and donation
  • After hours floor cleaning
  • High paying tipped jobs

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You get my recommendations and my logic behind these choices from personal experience, research and industry knowledge.

A common question many people ask is "Why shouldn't I just take whatever part-time work I can get?

Because you will normally be diluting your daily hourly earnings. If the part-time job you take pays a low amount or much less than what you earn in your primary job, you will be making less money per hour overall, only you will be working MORE hours.

As an example, I don't recommend you become a Sales Associate at Wal-Mart™ if you want a high paying part-time job, since you will get a little more than minimum wage to start.  

Or, I doubt most people would like working at a buffet restaurant with very low tips.  Don't get me wrong, if that is all you can find or you are in a real pinch for money, these places might be the route to go. It just shouldn't be the first place to start.


I will throw in another killer part-time job opportunity overlooked by most. It pays around $12.50 per hour to start and has incredible benefits.

Good luck in your effort to get a high paying part-time job. Get your free report right now.

Best Regards,
Mike George

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